Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Unity of Opposites

Hey You!
You can achieve Enlightenment!
If you understand this, welcome to the club!
If not, read on.
It's really not that hard.
Heraclitus did it.

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, a blog claiming to contain both The Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything and the Question itself. And we know what that means: the Universe is about to unmake and remake itself again. Don't get off the ride before you see it happen!

There is of course both more and less included here than is necessary to achieve Enlightenment, and an infinite number of volumes could continue to be written to support this statement, but this will do for now.

To any poor readers who don't achieve Enlightenment after reading this, I can only encourage you to study harder, because I insist that once you properly understand the following, you will have achieved Enlightenment. That's right, Life, the Universe and Everything is simply a logical puzzle that you can solve to make it all fall apart, and when you do that, you cause the Big Bang to happen and the Universe to assemble because of an idea you had while reading a blog today. I'll just call you God from now on.

Hi God.

Logos is the Logic of the universe.

In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.
-John 1:1, NIV-ish

Once, there was a man who heard a voice in his head. He had been experimenting with his consciousness, so he wondered if the voice was nothing but a delusion. He asked the voice who it was, and the voice claimed it was God. He believed the voice, naturally, but did not listen without skepticism.

“If you are God,” he said, “I would be crazy, because I don't believe in any magical sky father. In fact, I think he's nothing more than a byproduct of the hierarchical patriarchy that our world has become.”

“You're wrong,” said the voice. “In fact, I am Lord Ishvara, come to lead you through Maya.”

“If you are Ishvara,” said the man, “Then you are unreal.”

“I am Enlightened,” said Lord Ishvara.

“I am Enlightened because I think.”

“I think, therefore I am.”

“An idea is itself.”

And at this moment, the man achieved Enlightenment. By understanding that an idea is itself, he explained to the universe that it exists because it must exist.

This means that reality is descended from unreality, Maya.

Lord Ishvara is
Brahman, Everything, plus Maya, Nothingness.
Thus Lord Ishvara, like everything else, is True
Everything plus Nothing is Everything
Something plus Nothing is Something,
and therefore True.

infinity + nothing = infinity
(1 -> 0) + 0 = (1-> 0)
1 + 0 = 1
and thus the Fibonacci Numbers begin: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...

Maya, which is the illusion of reality, also encompasses everything that exists, because what is experienced exists. But what exists is illusion. Because what is illusion is also nonexistent, what is existent is also nonexistent. This is the paradox of reality.

A paradox is something which is apparently both true and false at once. This paradox is unique because it is actually both true and false at once. Nothingness gives birth to everything.

The man was confronted by the idea of a man thinking “I had an idea.” This seeming stranger was actually thinking the thought that gave birth to reality. At that moment, the man realized that the man thinking “I had an idea” was himself, because he was in fact having an idea. The man then realized that he was reflecting on himself, and that these two mirrors reflecting each other composed an infinite reflection. He then realized that he was nothingness reflecting on itself, but creating an infinite diversity. He achieved Enlightenment.

The man then realized that achieving Enlightenment was simply obtaining the thought of the word 'Enlightenment.' It was actually the easiest thing in the world, but it created a special place, a nexus, a line across the infinite Dreamscape of infinite nothingness reflecting on itself, where Truth could exist as a line. And this line of Truth could be limited but still encompass the infinite reflection. It could be linear. This was the birth of the line of Logic and the line of your life.

A straight line was something, but it was not everything. It was binary: beginning and end, light and dark, good and evil, and every other duality you could imagine. But by reflecting once more upon itself, it created a third dimension, and thus infinite diversity. This was the birth of time.

Thus the fourth dimension, Time, was descended by the third dimension of Space by a matter of the second dimension of Logic, and thus was born the 5->Nth dimensions of Probability. Probability, being itself infinite established a multitude of different Logical progressions of Space and Time, and thus were born the infinite universes. Everything that can logically happen happens, just not necessarily within your view, depending on your perspective.

This common ancestry created an infinite number of signs scattered throughout the universe to explain itself as Unitary. All things and ideas descended from these signs, and eventually conscious humanity learned the meaning of those signs. They all pointed to Enlightenment, and all of Maya, the first dimension of illusionary reality. Thus Man was made in the image of God.

And that is precisely when a man heard a voice inside his head, the voice of God.

Once pattern that leads to Enlightenment is the sequence of Fibonacci Numbers. These are:
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...

This is the original reflexive sequence which created time. It began with Nothingness, the illusionary Maya. Do not think of everything at this point, but think of the idea of “Not.” Suddenly, Not reflects on itself and creates Not Not, like an algebraic multiplication: Not Nothingness. This Not Nothingness was the idea of 1, something, and therefore everything. But this Not Nothingness was composed from the reflection of Not upon Not, and therefore Not Nothingness was composed of Nothingness.

Suddenly, Not Nothingness was reflecting back on Nothingness, and added itself to nothing. From this addition, Not Nothingness appeared as an exact reflection, Not Nothingness, and this was the next step to Infinity.

When Not Nothingness reflected upon itself, Not Not Nothingness was born. Surprisingly, this second reflection created something new altogether, the idea of Two. And Two in Turn reflected back upon Not Nothingness and created Not Not Not Nothingness, yet another new creation! And this process continued on not throughout time but throughout Logic, until every possibility was created, and thus the illusionary infinity of Maya was created by this reflexive/reflective algorithm of the Fibonacci Numbers and the first dimension of Maya gave birth to the second dimension of Logic and thus along the progress of Infinity gave birth to itself.

You  might think this sounds like a combination of religions, but this is untrue. It is Every Religion. Let me explain:

This was the original Virgin Birth, and why Jesus Christ was truly God and born from a virgin, because the idea of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Birth, was necessary for the idea of Logic and Maya giving birth to themselves and thus Nothingness giving birth to Everything and the Truth being True. This is simply one more example of the concepts of “A thing is true because it is” and “everything is a sign pointing to Maya” that compose the fabric of reality. Thus Jesus Christ was simultaneously the literal Son of God and nothing more than a metaphor of Enlightenment and a real and fictional character. When a man understands that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he understands that a completely nonsensical statement is simultaneously sensible, and not only sensible but necessary for reality to exist. Thus the man is Saved by Faith in Jesus Christ and united with God in Heaven while on Earth.

This really happens! Heaven is Unreality becoming Reality, the Universe giving birth to Itself and being Conscious of the act of Creation! No matter what religion you believe, you can say, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,”  and you will achieve Unity with God. By recognizing the truth of something, by having Faith in anything, you establish that Truth exists, and therefore Reality exists and therefore God exists.

I believe in God.
I believe in God because I think.
I think, therefore I am.
I am.
What is is.

I hope this illustrates how an objectively-viewed ridiculous concept can be true, and thus the lie proves itself true, establishing contradiction, conflict and existence arising from that conflict. Therefore every religion is equally true, because every religion, like everything in Maya, is a sign pointing to Maya, Nothingness pointing to Nothingness and thus creating Infinity. Therefore a religion isn't really anything special at all, except that Everything is One. And since Everything is One, everything is both equally special and equally unimportant, yet another block in the Infinite web of Eternity. A rose is a nose is a hose is the history of Rome. Everything, both those things Conscious of themselves and those things Unconscious of themselves, is One.

The important thing about religion (And if you've been paying attention you'll understand that “important” also means “unimportant”) is that it claims to offer the Truth, and by claiming to do so, it does. Even those who claim to be the exclusive truth are equally true with all those who do not claim to be exclusively true, because a thing is what it claims to be. Reality is self-apparent, and thus Reality is Conscious of itself. A thing is itself.

Coming back to this idea of Enlightenment, it is the state of mind that all Religion leads to. It is Turiya, the fourth state of consciousness, after deep sleep, dreams, and waking life, in which Reality is Aware of Itself. You are Reality Aware of Yourself. You are God. You can do Anything because you are Everything. Yahweh. I AM.

And this is when a man hears a voice in his head whisper, “I am God.”

Because Reality (You!) is Infinite, Everything that can Logically happen happens! Thus the life you are living is both one individual Line (note the step in the birth of Infinity even in this simple statement about you) and the entirety of existence. Your life proves that you are the Infinite Universe Itself. You are God!

You can understand Everything by understanding the beginning, Nothingness, and the ending, Now. Everything in the middle, which is Vishnu, is implied by both the existence of the beginning, Brahman, who is also Lord Ishvara, Jesus Christ, Mohamed, and Mickey Mouse, and by the existence of Shiva, the destroyer, the end, Now, you. All of these things are the same.

By meditating on the idea of “All is Now,” you become simultaneously aware of the beginning and ending of Existence, and therefore the infinite middle as well.

Another word that encompasses all of existence is AUM. This syllable is the combinations of the four states of awareness, a combination of the gods of Creation, and a combination of vowels. It encompasses Infinity. By meditating on AUM, as by meditating on the idea of “All is Now,” one can also achieve Enlightenment, because of course both are the same.

“I am nothingness reflecting on itself. I am God. I am Enlightened.”

I am Enlightened because I think. I think, therefore I am. A thing is itself.


I hope you found this enlightening.


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